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Underarm Whitening Set


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Underarm Whitening  Set

Helps deodorize by lessening sweat production and whitens underarms. With the use of Underarm Whitening Toner and Underarm Whitening Cream, you'll have fresher and carefree days ahead.

  • Whitens underarms
  • Slows down hair production
  • Helps deodorize by lessening sweat production
  • Serves as deodorant
  • Anti-perspirant

 Set consist of:  

1x Ultralite Soap 125g
1x Underarm Whitening Toner 120ml
1x Underarm Whitening Cream 20g

How to use:

Daytime Routine
1. Wash underarms with Ultralite Whitening Soap.
2. Rinse well and pat dry.
3. Use the Underarm Whitening Toner as your daily deodorant.

Night time Routine
1. Apply Underarm Whitening Cream thinly.
2. Leave it overnight (one application only).